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why we love cambodia

We already knew Cambodia was awesome: the ancient temples, the relaxing white sand beaches of paradise islands, and bustling cities.

But the Cambodia we loved best was found far beyond its sparkling main attractions, amongst the fields of rice, the stilted houses, lush junglescapes, and in the hardworking and earnest faces of people always ready with a smile.

It was found in the three days we trekked deep into the jungle of the Cardamom Mountains to sleep in hammocks under the stars and listen to inspiring tales of a community’s renewed commitment to conservation.

In the castaway-esque treehouse without running water or electricity on the yet unspoiled island of Koh Ta Kiev. In the ability of an entire people to remain so generous and open despite suffering unimaginable tragedy at the hands of a brutal regime.

To us, the true charm of the Kingdom of Wonder is its myriad of incredible travel experiences and moments of profound beauty and humanity.

It won't take you long to fall in love with Cambodia.

Pristine white beaches, lush jungles, ancient cities, and bustling cosmopolitan hubs, it's a country that seems to have everything going for it. In many ways, it's the Thailand of 25 years ago - tourism is growing rapidly, yet it still retains that old school southeast Asian charm, beautiful landscapes, friendly locals, and wonderful food.

But Cambodia is also still recovering from a dark and painful recent past, and travels here will take you on a journey through extreme contrasts.

From the heavenly beauty of Angkor Wat to the depths of despair at Phnom Penh's Killing Fields and S21, and the heartwarming progress of community-based ecotourism in the Cardamom Mountains to the relaxing waters of white-sand island beaches; you'll be moved, inspired, and warmly welcomed every step of the way.

why you'll love Cambodia

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“The most beautiful thing in Cambodia isn't the country - it's the Cambodian people.”

— Rithy Panh


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