11 fantastic things to do in Laos: waterfalls, temples & secret gems

Best things to do in Laos - Kuang Si Waterfall

Post updated: 28/7/2019 | Looking for the best things to do in Laos? Discover famous attractions, incredible natural beauty, and top ancient sites with our comprehensive Laos must-visit list!

Bite-sized and landlocked, Laos is often totally overlooked by travellers on the Southeast Asian travel trail in favour of its bigger, flashier neighbours. 

But we're here to tell you they're wrong. 

What this sleepy country lacks on a map it definitely makes up for in striking beauty and charm. In fact, we'd say it's one of Southeast Asia's best.

Our travels first took us from the sleepy streets of Vientiane to the jungle-clad limestone karsts of Vang Vieng and the Nam Song river. Once infamous as an out of control party town, the vibe is much more chilled now, and our days were spent hiking, biking, and zip-lining. 

Way down south, we kayaked, swung in hammocks, and drank coconut shakes on Don Det and the 4,000 islands, the Mekong's riverine archipelago. To the north, we fell in love with Luang Prabang, an enchanting city made of colonial buildings, unbelievable sunsets, the saffron of monks robes. And our visit to the nearby Kuang Si waterfall still makes our hearts flutter years later.

Life in Laos, along the Mekong, is more chilled out, and less affected by the rapid modern development the rest of SE Asia has seen. In many ways, life amongst the rice paddies and stilted huts exists today much as it always has; simply, happily, and authentically.

This country is one for the adventurers and travellers, and below is our list of best things to do in Laos - taking you from the colonial north to the jungles and temples of the south, via the capital of Vientiane.

the 11 best places to visit in Laos: our complete list


Best things to do in Laos | Northern Laos




We had read about how beautiful Luang Prabang was before we arrived yet words don’t do her justice. Luang Prabang is the best looking honey in all of Southeast Asia. It’s now one of our favourite cities in south east Asia.

Situated on the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers, Luang Prabang has a UNESCO-protected downtown, full of brilliantly preserved French colonial architecture, which is well worth exploring by foot or bike. There are also 33 active gold covered temples dotted throughout the town. Weaving your way through the quiet grounds and intricate deep burgundy and golds of the monasteries really is soothing for the soul.

Our best things to do in Luang Prabang recommendations are below:


Luang Prabang’s best-known temple, Wat Xieng Thong, was built in the 1500s and is the perfect spot to park yourself in some shade and monk-watch, contemplate Nirvana and soak up the serenity.

If you’re lucky, you might also stumble upon a wedding photoshoot (we did!) and get the chance to witness some beautiful traditional costumes.

| Witness the Luang Prabang's alms giving ceremony |

Probably the most iconic image of Luang Prabang is that of the saffron-robed barefoot monk on the daily morning alms collection rounds.

Before dawn, hundreds of barefoot Buddhist monks walk single file through the city collecting sticky rice donations from the local lay people.

What the monks get from the people is their food for the day, however, they also give most of it to poor people sitting along the way. The procession starts on the main street near Wat Xieng Thong, and snakes through the much of the old town.

This experience is an extremely moving one, regardless of your religion and is not to be missed if you are in Luang Prabang.

As it is a local ceremony, remember to be respectful! (check out our guide on participating in the alms giving ceremony without being disrespectful).

| Watch sunset from Mt. Phousi |

Right on the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers, Mount Phousi (also known as Mount Phu Si) offers up 360-degree views over the golden pagodas of Luang Prabang.

Each evening, as the fading sun dances on Luang Prabang's shimmering rivers and mountains and crowns the charming city in golden hues, sun worshippers flock to Wat Chom Si, the temple atop of Mount Phousi, to enjoy the show.

Watching the sky chameleon itself into pale pastels and deep ochres over the valley is a truly mesmerising sight.

READ | Our comprehensive guide to Mount Phousi

| Luang Prabang Night Markets |

While Laos, and indeed most of south east Asia, is night market heaven, Luang Prabang is home to one of the best - the colourful and lively night Evening Markets, which take place from 17:00 - 23:00 in the centre of town.

Hill-tribe traders and local vendors emerge selling all the usual products, including incredible wood carvings, handicrafts, jewellery (it's the perfect place to load up of traveller wristbands), lighting, clothing, and other knick knacks. As is the case with most markets in the region, bartering is normal - play hard but fair and haggle politely.

The Luang Prabang night market is a wonderful place to photograph as the streets are alive with colour and people, however remember to be respectful and always ask before you take a portrait.

Quiet to ride a ride through, small enough to walk, beautiful enough to photograph from every angle, and cheap enough to reallllly enjoy, Luang Prabang is a gem in south east Asia, and one of Laos’ top places to visit.


Where | Luang Prabang, northern Laos

Stay | Luang Prabang River Lodge has cheap, clean rooms close to the centre of town

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Watching sunset from Mount Phousi is one of the best things to do in Laos
exploring the temples of Luang Prabang is one of the best things to do in Laos


#2 Take a traditional Lao cooking class

If there's one thing you need to know about Laos, it's that the food is delicious.

Like most asian cuisines, it's all about fresh, flavourful food, with the added bonus of a French twist. What's better than eating all the food? Learning how to cook it for yourself!

If you’re going to take a cooking class in SE Asia, Luang Prabang is the place to do it. French/asian fusion flavours abound, and you’ll want to be taking some recipes home to re-live food nirvana in your very own kitchen.

We recommend Tamarind, and restaurant and cooking school in Luang Prabang that operate (almost) daily classes and are renowned for their quality.


Where | Tamarind, Kingkitsarath Rd, Luang Prabang

Tamarind Restaurant opening hours | 11:00am - 21:00pm Monday to Saturday

Cost | 285,000 kip (~USD$35) for a full day class incl. market tour (9:00 am - 15:00pm Monday to Saturday)

215,000 kip (~USD$25) for an evening class without a market tour (4:30 pm - 8:30 pm Monday to Saturday)



Located just outside of Luang Prabang is the absolutely stunning Kuang Si Waterfall.

How many waterfalls have you seen that boast a 50-metre cascading drop into three-tiered azure swimming holes? Probably not many, if any.

This large cascade of pale turquoise blue water that tumbles from the thick jungle above into perfectly sculpted limestone tiered pools below might just be the ultimate highlight of any trip to Laos.

The best part about the Kuang Si falls is that in addition to being mind-blowingly beautiful, you can also take a dip in those same tiered pools of turquoise blue water. Please be a respectful traveller and take note of the signs saying no swimming in certain areas, as some pools are considered sacred by the local population.

The pools near the picnic area have changing rooms (make sure you change into appropriate clothing again post-swim, Lao culture is quite conservative!), and they also have rope swings and a tree you can jump into the pools from.

For the best views of the falls, head deeper into the main falls area and walk towards the small wooden bridge (it’s pretty easy to find!), which offers stunning and unobstructed views of the main waterfall. Alternatively, take the tricky hike up to the top of the waterfalls for views over the falls below and the breathtaking Lao countryside.

We recommend getting there early, before the hoards of tourists arrive, and enjoying the watering holes all to yourself. Then, as the sun starts to peek through the forest canopy, make your way up to the top tier and admire the views from above.

READ | Planning a trip to the falls yourself? Check out our ultimate guide to Kuang Si Falls here

BOOK | We recommend this guided tour of Kuang Si Falls


Opening hours | 8:00am - 17:30pm every day

Location | Kuang Si is about 23km from the outskirts of Luang Prabang town

Cost | 20,000 kip (~$2.50) entrance fee

Where to visit in Laos - kuang si falls luang prabang



Keen to find somewhere as beautiful as Vang Vieng without the tourists? Then visit Nong Khiaw, a small town 3 hours from Luang Prabang on the banks of the Nam Ou River in Northern Laos.

Nong Khiaw boasts a gorgeous backdrop of imposing limestone mountains, picturesque river views and genuine local colour; sound familiar?

We love our trekking and Nong Khiaw offers up some great opportunities to get into the mountains and breathe that fresh air. Similar to Vang Vieng, you can also go caving, rock-climbing and cycling. And yes, you can go tubing here too, but nothing like the former Vang Vieng days; party central this is not.

Like most places in Laos, Nong Khiaw is developing tourism infrastructure quickly, and it’s probably the right time to visit if you’re after something slightly more authentic and underdeveloped.


Where | Nong Khiaw, northern Laos

Stay | Enjoy the best views in town at Arthith Guesthouse. Ask for the deluxe room



The best things to do in Laos | Central Laos




After seven hours on a bus from the Laos capital of Vientiane, you won’t believe your eyes when you first arrive into Vang Vieng. In short, it's stunning.

Rainforest adorns the karst cliffs, caves lie hidden, waiting to be explored and the river is invitingly clear. Swoon.

Don’t be put off by all that you’ve read about her past, Vang Vieng has matured into more than a hedonistic party paradise.

If adventure is your jam, Vang Vieng is your kind of town these days!

Visit one of the many main street tour companies which offer adrenaline fueled activities including zip-lining, kayaking, caving, rock climbing, hiking, ballooning; the list goes on. We did the zip-lining tour and can assure you it is the ultimate rush!

If you’ve got a few days up your sleeve explore the surrounding villages. You can hire a motorbike, quadbike or bicycle and make your way out into the countryside where you’ll stumble across friendly locals and stunning scenery at every turn.

The maturing Vang Vieng is evident in the centre of town, where most of the riverside bars have been replaced by newly completed high rise hotels and more refined restaurants now sit alongside rickety cafes. The food here is actually quite good and you can still pick up a roadside banana pancake if you’re that way inclined (they’re really good!).

Here are our must-do things in Vang Vieng:

| Zip-lining in Vang Vieng |

Stepping off a wooden platform and trusting a harness, zip-line and steel cable with our life is a bloody scary experience, especially so in the wilds of Laos. Having said that, our zip-lining experience in Vang Vieng happens to be one of our favourite experiences in Laos. It was so much fun.

Zip-lining through the forest canopy and karst mountains outside of Vang Vieng is a scary yet exhilarating experience. After the initial struggle to take the leap of faith, the process becomes easier and easier, which allows you to start enjoying the zip-lining experience for what it is - an incredibly fun day out.

| Tubing in the Vang Vieng |

Learning from the past, the infamous tubing of days past - floating down the Nam Son river on an inflatable tyre tube - is possible albeit in a far more sedate fashion.

Grab your tube around midday and take in the surrounding countryside as you make your way down the river all afternoon. It’s actually a brilliant day out, minus the broken arms or concussion of days past.

Finish off your day with a well earned Beerlao or two at one of the few riverside establishments still remaining.

| Head to Blue Lagoon 3 (and skip Blue Lagoon 1) |

A tourist attraction which has suffered from the scourge of over tourism, Vang Vieng’s blue lagoon is now not worth visiting. Instead, head for Blue Lagoon 3, which is a little further from town (17kms), but far more beautiful and untouched, and with far less tourists.

There are a number of swings, ziplines, balancing beams and a bamboo raft making it just a little bit of fun, too.

| Watch sunset from Nam Xay Viewpoint |

A seriously short yet tough hike, Nam Xay might kill the quads but it’s home to one of the best sunset spots in Laos.

Overlooking the verdant rice fields and jagged limestone cliffs, Nam Xay will take your breath away. It’s here that you get a true sense of Laos’ beauty.

Just be careful on the 30min hike up - the limestone is quite sharp in parts, and when wet can become quite dangerous.


Where | Vang Vieng, Laos

Stay | The family run Vang Vieng Garden Bungalow is a good, cheap option!

Where to visit in Laos - vang vieng town
where to visit in Laos - Vang Vieng adventure capital


#6 Give Vientiane a go (it’s not that bad!)

Ok, maybe we’re being a little harsh here, but Vientiane is a pleasant, albeit slightly boring capital city; Bangkok it isn’t. But that’s also part of its appeal.

Surprisingly, there are actually plenty of awesome things to do in Vientiane.

From beautiful French-inspired architecture, to the many beautiful Wats dotted through the central district, the delicious local (and cosmopolitan!) food and fascinating cultural stops; Vientiane actually has a lot going for it.

These are the must-see stops in Vientiane:

| Pha That Luang Stupa, Vientiane |

You’ll see Pha That Luang long before you actually visit Vientiane's mesmerising gold-covered Buddhist stupa.

That Luang is Laos’ most important cultural monument, both for its Buddhist significance, and as a symbol of its powerful ancient royal kingdoms.

Its image can be found on government logos and all currency notes, and you’ll become very familiar with seeing its likeness on almost every poster and billboard in Laos.

While the current temple was built in the 1500s, a temple in some form has existed here since the 3rd century BC, when monks sent out by the Indian King Ashoka built a shrine in the Vientiane area to reportedly consecrate a piece of Buddha’s breastbone. Remains of a 12th century Khmer temple have also been found at this spot, making it an important site in Laos’ cultural history.

Visitors can wander the grounds, check out the massive reclining golden Buddha, relax in the peaceful gardens, or chat with a monk about Buddhism and Buddhist life in Laos.

In November, Laos’ most important Buddhist festival, Boun That Luang, is held here over three days, with thousands of devotees flocking to the stupa to celebrate and pay their respects. Be sure to check it out if you’re travelling over this time!

| Patuxai Victory Monument |

On any tuk tuk ride around town, you’ll no doubt pass the Patuxai Victory Monument.

If this impressive victory arch in the centre of town reminds you of another, eerily similar and equally impressive, Parisian landmark then you’d be right.

The Patuxai Monument was built to commemorate the Lao people who fought and died in the battle for independence both against the French and in subsequent wars, and is modelled on France’s Arc de Triomphe with a Lao twist.

Patuxai stands at the end of Thanon Lane Xang, which leads to the Presidential Palace, and along with a large fountain, is the centrepiece of a large ‘island’ in the traffic.

Surprisingly, there are a number of offices and a gift shop located in the 4 arches of the monument, and you can climb to the top for great views over Vientiane from the viewing area.

| Vientiane Buddha Park |

If you're looking for something a little offbeat or quirky to do in Vientiane, a visit to Buddha Park (also called Xieng Khuan, or “Spirit City") will make your trip to the capital complete.

Despite looking like an ancient relic park, dotted with weathered - and slightly bizarre - concrete statues of humans, animals, and demons from Buddhist and Hindu mythology, Buddha Park was actually built in 1958 by the (obviously eccentric) shaman, artist, and mystic, Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat.

Highlights of the park include a 120m long reclining buddha, some pretty weird and intricate carvings on over 200 Buddhas throughout the park, and a large bell-shaped sculpture with three stories you can walk up that cover earth, heaven, and hell. It's a slightly odd spot, but it definitely makes for an interesting day out!

BOOK | You can also book this full-day sightseeing tour of Buddha Park, key temples in Vientiane, and the Friendship Bridge with Thailand

The best part about Vientiane is you'll have the majority of places all to yourself too, and without the stress of having to explore a city of millions of people.

So, if you're like us and you have a few days to spend in the city before you venture off again, use this guide to our favourite things to do in Vientiane, and enjoy Southeast Asia's most chilled out city.


Where | Vientiane, Laos

Stay | We stayed at the Dream Home hostel in Vientiane

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The best things to do in Laos include visiting Pha That Luang Stupa in Vientiane


#7 Sleep among the animals and trees at the Gibbon Experience

The Gibbon Experience is one of the seminal south east Asia experiences.

Searching for Gibbons through the dense forest canopy, Zip-lining from tree to tree, sleeping in treehouses amongst the steamy jungles, the Gibbon Experience is like Disney for outdoors types (ie. us!).

There are two and three day tours, which combine zip-lining, easy trekking, and relaxing amongst the forest canopy in one of the custom made (and sustainable) tree houses.

You’ll also be on the lookout for the elusive wildlife which inhabits the area, such as the Gibbon. Although it’s not guaranteed to spot on of these majestic creatures, you’ll definitely hear their distinctive (and dare we say beautiful) call.

But the best part of the Gibbon Experience is the zip-lining. Floating through the jungle canopy gives you a much greater appreciation of the complexities of forests, and soaring from one tree house to another is a truly memorable experience (and one of the best things to do in Laos).

Set amongst the Nam Kan National Park which covers 136.000 ha in the north west of the country, The Gibbon Experience is actually a wildlife conversation project, focused on sustainable, responsible tourism initiatives, and reforestation. Guides speak English, the equipment is safe, and the food is reasonable for jungle fare.

In short, your visit is more than just an amazing experience; it’s actually doing good for the local community.


What | The Gibbon Experience

Where | Nam Kan National Park, western Laos

Cost | The classic experience is £250 per person (or USD $300). Book here


Best things to do in Laos | Southern Laos



#8 Chill on THE 4000 ISLANDS OF DON DET

It’s out of the way and requires an overnight bus ride from Vientiane to Pakse, but once you arrive on Don Det, one of the 4000 Islands situated in the middle of the Mekong River, you’ll automatically be lulled into a major level of chill.

Don Det is split into two main areas; the sunrise side and sunset side, both equally relaxed.

Hammocks hang outside most of the riverside bungalows which straddle the Mekong allowing you to read that book you’ve been carrying your whole trip in next to no time.

The best time of day is sunset, where you're treated to the ultimate show from Mother Nature. Set yourself up at one of the many riverside establishments (or your own hammock), grab a Beerlao and watch the show.

If you’ve chilled too much (is that even possible?) there are a number of things you can do to get your heart rate up.

Our favourite activity was to kayak down the Mekong. The easy day tour allows you to see the river in all its glory and finishes with a visit to the Cambodian/Laos border to see the rare Irrawaddy Dolphins, which make an appearance during sunset. It’s a pretty cool tour to do and we highly recommend it.

Alternatively, hire a bike and take in the surrounds of the Island at your own pace!


Where | Don Det/4000 Islands, southern Laos

Stay | We highly recommend staying at The Last Resort on Don Det

Read more | Our comprehensive guide to Don Det and the 4000 Islands (including how to get there!)

Don Det is one of the best places to visit in Laos
Don Det is one of the best places to visit in Laos


#9 Experience the ancient Khmer ruins of Wat Phu Champasak

Nestled in the beautiful southern lands of Laos lies arguably its most important historical site, the UNESCO World Heritage listed Wat Phu Champasak.

Wat Phu (also know as Vat Phou) is basically Laos’ version of Cambodia’s imperious Khmer temple, Angkor Wat, and although not as well preserved nor maintained, the ruins are actually a more evocative and relaxed experience, mostly due to the lack of crowds and the idyllic natural setting.

The temple complex is located on the side of the revered mountain of Phu Kao, spread out over six terraces on three levels. The middle levels house the grand quadrangular pavilions, dating from the 10th and 11th centuries.

At the top is the majestic Sanctuary dedicated to the Hindu deity of Shiva, complete with intricate stone carvings and the sacred freshwater spring, which is possibly the reason the complex exists in this location.

The site of the complex pre-dates Angkor, with inscriptions from the 5th and 6th century mentioning the Sanctuary, however the majority of the buildings you'll see are from the 11th - 13th century.

Given the open nature of the site, we recommend visiting early in the morning to avoid the tropical heat and inevitable tourist arrivals from Champasak or Pakse.

It’s easy to spend 4+ hours here, exploring every facet of the site, however most stay for around 2 hours.


Where | Wat Phu Champasak, southern Laos

Cost | Entrance fee is 50.000 LAK for foreigners and 20.000 LAK for locals

Opening hours | Hours are 08:00–18:00

Top things to do in Laos include visiting Wat Phu Champasak


#10 Experience the wonders of Kong Lar caves

Off the well worn tourist path, amongst the dramatic karst cliffs and relative wilderness of the Phu Hin Bun National Protected area in southern Laos lies Kong Lar Caves, one of south east Asia’s great geological marvels.

A visit here isn’t for the faint of heart - it’s a long, tough journey from the capital of Vientiane, but to experience one of the best things to do in Laos is totally worth it - at least we think so.

First of all, the natural setting is typically Laotian - stunning green hills, limestone cliffs, relaxed villages and rice fields being worked over by hardy buffalo. The cave though, all 7kms of it, is astounding. In fact, it actually runs right through the mountain, worn away over the course of time. The underground river is still used by locals to transport goods from village to village, without having to deal with the broken roads of the south.

To enter the extensive cave system, you'll need to join a boat tour, which will take you through the whole cave, stopping at various points along the way to admire the ancient stalactites and stalagmites, and rock walls of which some are over 90m tall. Just watch out for the bats.

There’s also a pool with an emerald-tinted glow that many locals believe is sacred.

Cruising through the cave is one of those “this isn’t real life” travel moments, and a must-do in Laos.

The tour takes around 2 hours, and includes a stop at a local village to grab refreshments or to have a quick swim in the clear river.


Where | Kong Lar Caves, southern Laos

Cost | 100,000 kip per person for entry to the park and your return boat ticket

How to get to Kong Lar Caves | You’ll need to catch an all-day bus from Vientiane (130,000 kip), and then a songthaew (25,000 kip each) to Kong Lor cave. Or explore the area as part of the popular Thakhek loop (a motorcycle path)

When to visit Kong Bar Caves | Visit during dry season, between November to April


#11 Marvel at the Tad Fane Twin waterfalls (+ zip-line)

The south of Laos is filled with natural gems, and the beautiful twin falls of Tad Fane are no exception.

Nestled in the jungles of the Bolaven plateau, the Bali-esque twin falls drop 120m into the abyss below, making them Laos’ tallest.

Not only are the falls stunning, but there’s a zip-line that gives visitors the change to fly across the valley with views of the falls - we didn’t actually do this but having done zip-lines in Vang Vieng and Australia, we can only imagine how awesome it is, especially with the falls roaring below.

The falls are easily accessible from the southern city of Pakse - you can arrange to visit via taxi or bus from town.


Where | Tad Fane, southern Laos - 38kms from Pakse

Cost | Entrance is 10,000 Kip per person. Zip-line $45 per person

Stay | Book your stay at the beautiful Tad Fane Resort


The best things to see and do in Laos | A detailed map

Here’s a map of all the best things to do in Laos - download it to your phone and use it on your travels.


Essential TRAVEL information For Laos




| BY AIR |

Luang Prabang has an International Airport with regular services operated by major airlines.

Check Skyscanner now for the best Luang Prabang flight deals to get you there. 


Transport in Laos | how to get around Laos

| BUS |

It's really easy to get around Laos via the bus network - though we recommend only travelling during the day due to road safety concerns.

Bus is by far the best way to travel the country - it’s well serviced, and buses stop at all the main tourist cities, towns or attractions.

Travel times can be super long though, so prepare yourselves with snacks or baguettes.


Experience Laos with these tours

Laos can be a tough and uncompromising place to travel, so if you’d prefer the ease of all your travels organised (we don’t blame you!), then these tours might take your fancy!

7-day highlights of Laos tour | A 7-day tour of Laos’ best things to do with On The Go Tours. Includes visits to Vietiane, Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang

BOOK | Highlights of Laos

Real Laos with Intrepid Travel | This 13-day tour takes in Vientiane Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang, as well as a slow boat along the Mekong. A truly authentic experience.

BOOK | Real Laos with Intrepid travel



Accommodation to suit any budget can be found in Luang Prabang, from luxury hotels right through to dorms in budget backpackers. 


We recommend using HotelsCombined to find the best deal on your Laos hotel accommodation


Laos is a firm favourite on the backpacker trail through Laos, and for that reason, great hostel accommodation can be found throughout the city.

BOOK | Check Hostelworld for available hostels in Luang Prabang now


Airbnb is definitely growing in popularity in Laos, so we’d recommend checking them out for any hidden gems.

BOOK | Use our Airbnb code to get £25 off your next booking



We never travel without our trusty, dogeared second-hand copies of a Lonely Planet guide.

They make for great bus reading, and while some information can change rapidly in this online world, ours really haven't let us down yet.

Pick up your Laos Lonely Planet guide now.



Whatever you do, don’t travel through Laos without travel insurance. Whether it be a sprained ankle hiking in the jungles (or worse), stomach issues (we had many in Laos!), theft, or lost baggage, things can go wrong in Laos, and insurance is your only way of mitigating the issues!

BUY | Click here to get the best travel insurance deals with World Nomads

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Travelling through Laos comes with a unique set of needs.

To help you have a comfortable, happy journey, we recommend bringing the following items with you:

Reusable water bottle | THE BEST INVESTMENT WE’VE EVER MADE! We use the Grayl water purification bottles, which allows us to fill up from any water source, anywhere in the world (including train taps!).

Biodegradable Wet Wipes | Keep clean without destroying the planet!

Hand sanitiser | not something we’d actually recommend normally, but in Sri Lanka it can be a bloody great investment.

A spork | to cut down on unnecessary plastic usage at meal times

Power bank | power does drop out… often! Don’t get caught out without power for your devices buy purchasing this power bank

READ | check out our eco-friendly packing guide to travel through Nepal consciously and comfortably



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One of our favourite countries in south east Asia, there is just so much to see and do in Laos! If we’ve missed anything, let your fellow readers know in the comments below!

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