Porto photo diary: 31 amazing photos that will inspire you to visit

Looking out from Dom Luis I Bridge to the Ribeira district of Porto Portugal - Porto photo diary. The Common Wanderer | @thecommonwanderer   

Move over Paris and Rome; the beautiful Portuguese city of Porto is a real contender for the title of most photogenic city in Europe! This is our Porto photo diary, with 31 of our favourite images from a weekend spent exploring the famous Douro river, historic alleyways, authentic Portuguese life, and stunning vistas that the city has to offer. 

The moment we laid eyes upon the charming Portuguese city of Porto, we knew it would be love. 


Let's just say there's a reason Porto enjoys UNESCO-World Heritage status. The twisting laneways of the Ribeira district are colourful and cobblestoned, iconic azulejos (tiles) breathe life on to the historic buildings, and the jumble of terracotta roofs spilling down towards the bustling Douro river makes for a postcard-perfect setting. 

This is a city made for photography and perfect for these two photographers. The famous Douro river, the epicentre of the former port city, is the ultimate backdrop for lazy river cruises, sunset strolls, and long lunches. Beautiful beaches are a short (rickety) tram ride away, and the architecture and design is such goals that it's even inspired JK Rowling's Hogwarts. From every angle, in every light, the city is achingly beautiful. 


We visited in the low season of early winter, when the pace was slower and the friendly chatter of neighbours filled the quiet streets. People hung washing from their windows, or took pause to lean out their windows to watch the world below go by. Around every corner, the scent of fresh octopus wafted from grills, mixing with the fruity scent of sweet port wine. 

Basically, Porto is the kind of place you love to stroll through lazily, camera in hand, capturing these little slices of authentic Portuguese life as they appear in front of you. Which is exactly what we did. 

This is our Porto photo diary; full of our favourite photos to inspire your own adventures to Porto soon too.

Porto photo diary: 31 incredible photos that will inspire you to visit

Views over the Dom Luis I Bridge - our Porto photo diary. The Common Wanderer | @thecommonwanderer
The Porto cable car over the River Douro - Porto photo diary.  The Common Wanderer | @thecommonwanderer
Crossing the Dom Luis I Bridge - Porto photography.  The Common Wanderer | @thecommonwanderer
Douro river cruise in Portugal's Porto - Porto photo diary. The Common Wanderer | @thecommonwanderer
The Porto sign - Porto photo diary
A lady sorts vegetables inside the Mercado do Bolhao in Porto, things to see in Porto
customers line up to purchase fresh seafod in Mercado do Bolhao market, Porto 
a lady smiles at her customers in the Mercado do Bolhao in Porto 

Rows of colourful houses along the Douro river - a perfect Porto photo location
The riverside walk along Ribeira district in Porto
A jug of white Sangria at lunch 
drinking white sangria at lunch in Poto
Local food in Porto - Francesinha, grilled octopus, and fresh bread
The colourful facade of Porto's streets - the best Porto photography locations
A view of boats on the Douro river and Porto's Ribeira district 

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Pasteis de nata in the streets of Porto
Pasteis de nata, Portugal's most famous dessert
The Confeitaria do Bolhao bakery, a busy 100-year old bakery full of sweet treats in Porto
The blue  Azulejos- tiled Sao Bento railway station - an extremely photogenic location in Porto
Inside the famous Livraria Lello bookstore in Porto - one of the most popular attractions in Porto
Sunset over the Ribeira district in Porto
Checking the map for the perfect Porto photo locations
A lady hangs out washing from the colourful buildings of Porto's Ribeira district 

Catching the Porto city tram - the perfect addition to a weekend in Porto itinerary
The old Porto city tram - a must-do for travellers in Porto
The cobblestoned streets of Porto are made for photography 
Man looks out his Porto window to the Ribeira district below - Porto photo diary
Mark looking out over Porto from Esplanada - Porto photography locations
The ribeira district of porto and the Douro lit up at twilight
The Douro River at night, the perfect Porto photo location

Have our photos inspired you to visit Porto yourself? Let us know in the comments below! 

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