Top 10 travel instagram accounts to follow in 2016

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As you all may know, we love Instagram. Scrolling through incredible images from our favourite travel Instagram accounts each day fuels our wanderlust and also provides inspiration to push boundaries creatively! But it’s not just the photography we love – it’s the incredible stories of adventure, exploration, life and love that accompany each image as well.Which travel Instagram accounts do you love? For us, it’s people that have chosen to follow their dreams and live life on the road. Travellers who go deeper than just the tourist sites, exploring off the well worn path in search of something more.

We’ve put together a list of our top 10 travel Instagram accounts for 2016, and we’re pretty sure these guys will inspire you everyday to get out and explore the world.

The Best Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2016

Do You Travel

Each morning the first account we check is Doyoutravel. Why? Because it’s simply the most inspirational travel related account on Instagram. Bright, colourful and wanderlust inducing in the world's most picturesque locations.


mister Weekender

A list like this wouldn’t be complete without This Wkndr. In our opinion she has the best travel blog on the internet and her Instagram reflects this.

Beautiful images inspiring wanderlust of epic proportions!  


Melissa Findley

You’ve probably heard of Melissa Findley already, but if you haven’t then you’re doing Instagram wrong.

Self-taught and an all round talent, Melissa is constantly pushing the boundaries creatively to get some of the best travel photographs on Instagram. Oh, and she’s an absolute legend.

Post the Nepal earthquake in 2015, she raised over $11k for the Nepal relief effort!


Lenses & Locals

Keep an eye out for Lenses & Locals as they are going to be huge!

This exceptionally talented Aussie photographer couple have set off to travel the world, cameras in hand and with a clear objective; to capture local life through their lenses.

We think they’re doing it pretty well.


Tim to the Wild

A lot of you may know Tim from his incredible youtube videos. But he is equally adept at photography, his feed providing the most ridiculous imagery from his travels around the world. His photographs and videos have provided huge inspiration to us for a while now.


Eastern Suns

Eastern Suns is Australian photographer and writer Jon Collins.

An environmental scientist by trade, Jon complements his incredible photography with exceptional informative storytelling.

In his own words; “I understand the importance of conserving a moment in time through photography and writing”.

This is the type of travel Instagram accounts we love.


Zach Fack

Zach is just a show off; showing his simply ridiculous photography skills travelling around the world with Passion Passport.

The colour, light and vibrancy in his shots will make you want to get up from your desk and set off on an adventure.


Hloni Coleman

Hloni travels around South Africa taking some of the most visually beautiful photos we’ve seen.

Clearly someone who pushes the boundaries of his passion, his shots on Cape Town especially will have your jaw dropping.


Polkadot Passport

Nicola, aka Polkadot Passport is a 21 year old Aussie travel blogger who constantly seems to be jetting off to some new tropical country, capturing these areas perfectly.

Turquoise blue waters, deep green jungles and white sandy beaches, Nicole often as the subject.

You get the picture, she’s awesome and one of our favourite travel Instagram accounts! 


Hannes Becker

If gorgeous images in calming tones are your thing, expect to have your mind blown by Hannes, a freelance travel photographer.

His recent journey through Australia with STA Travel blew. our. minds.

Let his ridiculous landscape images take you away! 


The Common Wanderer

Okay, some shameless self promotion here but if you enjoy your daily dose of wanderlust through the eyes of two Aussie travellers head on over and give us a follow.

We’re off to some amazing places in the next year and can’t wait to share our adventures with you.


Do you have some favourite travel Instagram accounts? We’re always on the lookout for new accounts to follow, and we’d love to see your tips in the comments below!