The Common Wanderer Loves: Hiking for Emails

Photo by  Ben Lowe  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ben Lowe on Unsplash

There are some crazy talented people and brands out there creating amazing innovative things, pushing boundaries, and driving hard in the pursuit of general awesomeness.

We spend a lot of time (more than we’d like to admit!) online, just soaking up all the inspiration put out in the digital space by these creatives, and started putting together an ‘inspo-folder’ a while ago to come back to when we needed another lift.We’ll be featuring our internet finds that are just too good to keep to ourselves; videos, quotes, blog posts, you name it. So that said, let’s all just stop and take a minute to appreciate this  ‘The Common Wanderer Loves…’  feature:

Mahabir Pun - The Man Who Brought Wi-Fi to 60,000 people in Annapurna

Throughout our travels we are inspired by stories of people or places that make a difference. In many ways, that is why we started this blog; to travel deeper and find these stories ourselves.

So when we stumbled across a documentary by filmmaker Clemens Purner titled Hiking For Emails, we were instantly engrossed. It follows the story of Mahabir Pun, the man who brought wi-fi to 60,000 people in the remote Annapurna region of Nepal.

His single-minded vision brought internet access to a region where some parts can only be reached in two days by foot. In doing so, he helped improve the lives of many. We are heading to Annapurna in two months and will no doubt reap the rewards of his hard work.

Enough gushing, watch this incredible documentary.

HIKING FOR EMAILS from Clemens Purner on Vimeo.

To watch more of Clemens' films, visit his vimeo channel or website. You won’t regret it.

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