The Constant of Change & A Big Announcement!

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The only thing constant in life is change.

The internet will tell you that the quote above comes to you - in a somewhat delayed and paraphrased manner - from Heraclitus, ancient Greek philosopher who was spreading wise truths like this through the planet around 500BC.

Whether that's correct or not, change has been a pretty big topic for the two of us to navigate lately. For one thing, less than 5 months ago we were still living our old routines in Melbourne. Now, we’re almost halfway through our massive global adventure that’s been so much more than we could ever have dreamed!

You guys might remember that when we first announced our trip on the blog, our plan was to wander through a bunch of regions (SE Asia, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, then Southern and Central Africa) before eventually settling in London for a couple of years. More than anything, our goal for this trip has been to throw caution to the wind and be open to wherever the world and our blog takes us.

Until recently, we hadn’t strayed too far from our original travel plans, except for adding ten days in Bangkok to catch up on a bunch of blog stuff (it’s way harder than it seems, you guys!).

Then we hit Nepal and the big changes started rolling in!

Mark and Miranda overlooking Manang - Annapurna

First, we had the opportunity to hike the Annapurna Circuit for 16 days with the legends at Intrepid Travel (check out thephotos on our instagram!). Then came the email that really changed things up for us: an offer from Geckos Adventures to join them on their Epic London to Rome trip in May/June.

Epic, right?! Well yes, totally, 100%, absolutely. It’s extremely exciting, and many high fives and happy dances have been done in celebration.

We’ll be writing about and photographing some of Europe’s best destinations and can’t wait to share this adventure with you on here, instagram, snapchat (commonwanderer) and facebook!

But - and don’t get us wrong, we know that we’re extremely fortunate to be living this life in the first place! - this has also meant a HUGE shift in our itinerary. Heading to Europe early means that we’re placing our India chapter back on the shelf for the time being, and have cut our time in Sri Lanka (where we are now) to just 3 weeks which is a bit of a bummer. Even though we knew what an awesome opportunity this is, it still required some hard thinking and was a hard change in plans to accept!

But what’s the point of quitting your job, leaving your old life behind, and going in search of new adventures if you end up living in the same kind of bubble you did there?! From the get-go, we’ve wanted to stick to a no-plan plan and jump at whatever came our way on this trip fear-free. Will the opportunity to revisit these places come up again? We're not sure, but we're willing to risk that for the sake of this new and exciting project. After we finish up in Europe, we'll head to Cape Town and continue on with our trip through central and southern Africa as planned.

We’ve come to realise that while it's ok to be a little way of change, learning to roll with whatever it brings and making it work for you is where the good stuff is at. Saying no to the fear and yes to the adventures that feel right for us has been our motto for a while now, and it’s definitely working out!

Have you been thinking about a big change in your life, at work, or in your travels? Share your story in the comments below - and take our word for it: if that opportunity comes up for you, take it with both hands and you won’t regret it!