Appy Days: The Travel Apps Every Traveller Needs

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Travel apps; we totally love 'em. They've saved our backside on a number of occasions, including a hairy experience while trying to exchange money on the Malawi/Tanzania border. We knew the man offering to exchange our currency was trying to rip us off, big time, but we managed to avoid it. How? Coz our currency converter app told us so! Crisis averted, but only after a tense stand off and a fight amongst the locals men vying for our business. The outcome could have been very different had we not had our trusty travel app. With so many apps in the marketplace, which travel apps are the best? After a lot of trial and error, we've narrowed them down to a few trusty faves; from budgeting apps so we don't overspend, through to an app for podcasts so long bus rides don't turn to noisy rides to hell. 

These apps have been a lifesaver on our travels and they will you too. It’s time to start downloading.

The Best Apps for Travel


Our favourite travel app ever in the history of humanity! Why? Because each day we can peruse images from around the world to stoke our own wanderlust, while uploading images from our own travels to stoke our followers wanderlust. You can also use hashtags for particular cities to find out what you need to see on your visit.

If you’re not on Instagram get involved at once, and don’t be put off by the ‘perfect’ photos you see, you can be creative in your own right. So get snapping!

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Best apps for travel


XE - Currency Exchange

Currency; the bane of our existence while on the road. Converting everything in our head, especially when the rate is something crazy (Malawi anyone?), became too much so we had to fine a solution. Luckily, XE had our back and it should have yours. Up to date currency rates allow you to convert costs in real time; perfect when you're bargaining in a downtown Indian market.

Get XE on: IphoneAndroid


Trabee Pocket

If you’re like us and are travelling long term, or even if you’ve just got a one week trip to Bali, budgeting is important. This is where Trabee Pocket comes into its own. It allows you to plan your holiday budget and manage your daily expenses meaning you can keep up to date without making complex sums in your head. You can even categorise your expenses and export to a spreadsheet.

Get Trabee Pocket on: iPhoneAndroid

While Google Maps is wonderful, is our map app of choice. You can download any countries map to your phone allowing offline usage at any time. That means if you’re arriving into Kathmandu at midnight, you’ll still be able to find your way to your hotel. Or alternatively, the most convenient route to McDonalds. Either way, this app has saved our backsides a few times.

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Guides by Lonely Planet

Have you ever explored a city without a tour guide? You don’t know what you’re looking for and you miss out on a LOT! Well, the legends at Lonely Planet have recently released a city guides app, allowing you to discover a destination like an expert from the device in your pocket.

Get Guides by Lonely Planet on: iPhoneAndroid

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Google Translate

Ever wondered what that word sprawled across an important looking sign means? Well, now you’ll be able to find out if you’re in danger or not with the Google Translate app. It’s as easy as typing into your phone the word or better still, using your phone's camera  and scanning the world.

So if you read опасност in Bulgaria, let Google Translate inform you it means DANGER!

Get Google Translate on: iPhoneAndroid



There are heaps of apps out there telling you how to get from A to B, yet none are as good as Rome 2 Rio. This app aggregates all transport options to find the best solution for your journey. It’s so great it can even tell you how to get from Kathmandu to Venice; not that you’d ever want to.

Get Rome2Rio on: iPhoneAndroid



We’ve enjoyed living like a local with a number of AirBnB experiences, from Bangkok to Sri Lanka, Rome to Cape Town, and they’ve all been wonderful. Having a home base on the road was just what we needed and we totally recommend AirBnB to anyone travelling the world. The app, like the website is just so easy to use; simply enter where you wish to visit and your price range and voila, options appear. Then, choose the accommodation option you want and enjoy the local life. 

If you're looking to book an AirBnb, get $45 off with our reference!

Get AirBnB on: iPhoneAndroid


Pocket Cast

We love Pocket Cast as much as we love Italian gelati, because this app has changed our lives on the road. No longer do we need to listen to the same two Spotify playlists downloaded to our phone; we can now enjoy our fave podcasts including Ted Talks, the Serial series, the Marketing Book Podcast and also get a slice of home with the Hamish & Andy show. This has made long flights, buses, cars and boat rides bearable. Just!

Get Pocket Cast on: iPhoneAndroid



By far the easiest and most convenient way of keeping in touch with our family and friends while on the road is through WhatsApp, the seamless and easy messenger service for iPhone or Android. And the best part? It's completely free! All you need is a wi-fi connection or 3G reception.

Once downloaded, it will add all your contacts automatically, meaning you can start messaging loved ones straight away without huge mobile phone bills. WhatsApp is easily our most used app, so if you don't have it yet, download it now!

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What is your favourite travel app? Leave a comment below or let us know on Facebook.