The Common Wanderer

we’re Mark and Miranda; an Australian couple with a love for travel and adventure.

in 2015 we swapped our everyday lives for something more extraordinary.

who we are

We wanted to share our love of travel and adventure with the world, so in late 2015 we chose to wander; swapping our everyday lives for a life on the road and real human connections instead.

Our great leap into the big wild began with a one-way ticket to Singapore with only the bags on our backs, our DSLR cameras and notebook in our hands, and the tantalising promise of adventure.

Since then, we’ve explored over 30 countries togetherhiked the Himalayas in Nepal, watched the sun rise over the temples of Bagan, run down Namibian sand dunes, delved into history in Europe, swam in vast oceans, safaried the African savannah, and explored ancient Cambodian jungles.




about mark

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Nickname | Bortsa

Passions | Photography, videography and sport

Tools | Sony A7R270-200mm f4Joby Gorilla Pod, Adobe Creative Suite

First overseas holiday | America as a five year old

Favourite destination | Nepal

Favourite city | Cape Town

Best travel experience | Road trippin’ through Namibia

Worst travel experience | Being bitten by a snake in Malawi

Favourite food | Eatalian (see what I did there!?), including gelato, pesto, pizza, bruschetta. Nom.

Bortsa to his mates, Mark’s a weet-bix fuelled explorer. With a German granddad, Tanzanian grandmother, Namibian mum, and English dad, travel is literally in his blood. He’s the unadventurous half of TCW and pretty boring IRL; despises photography, thinks “nature is lame” and refuses to do fun things like hike Kilimanjaro, the Annapurna Circuit, and Everest Base Camp. He’s also extremely sarcastic and loves to joke! In all seriousness, he’s all about exploring the world, documenting his love of nature with his camera… and dodging all of Mim’s endless ‘what if’ questions.


about miranda

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Nickname | Mim

Passions | writing, photography, and all the food

Tools | Moleskine Notebook, pen, Canon 5D MKIII50mm f1.870-200mm f4, Adobe Creative Suite

First overseas holiday | China

Favourite destination | Nepal

Favourite city | Cape Town

Best travel experience | Trekking through the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Worst travel experience | Altitude sickness on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Favourite food | A good Indian curry

Mim’s pretty nice generally, but don’t mess with her before she’s had her morning coffee! She’s a photographer and writer of words; her happy place is on the road, finding new adventures and stories to share by pen and frame. Travel’s been one of her main squeezes since spending 5 weeks in China at 14… Since then she’s been back to China twice, visited over 30 countries, and wants to see them ALL! Her main hobbies are: eating ALL the foodz, annoying Mark with a million hypothetical ‘what if’ questions (especially when he’s jet-laggged and trying to sleep), and exploring all the new places with her other main bae, Mark.


the common wanderer is for the

roamers + seekers

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We created The Common Wanderer to share some of the incredible, humbling, exciting places and human stories we discovered during our travels, and hope that through them, you’re inspired to be a wanderer too. 

The Common Wanderer is a travel blog dedicated to the roamers and seekers. It's for the travellers and adventurers who go in search of authentic, real life experiences in exciting destinations around the world.

People who want to see the world a little bit differently, and in a responsible and ethical way too. 

Travellers like you.

We promise to stoke your wanderlust through our travel and adventure narratives, in-depth guides, interviews, travel tips, and to encourage you to wander in whichever direction you choose. 


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