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Hawker Heaven – Our Singapore Food Guide

The Common Wanderer - Singapore Food Guide

Hawker Halls are a pretty foreign thing to us Aussies. We’re used to making our dinners every night of the week, in the comfort of our own homes. If we’re lucky enough, we might also head out for a meal once a week.

In Singapore they do things differently. 80-85% of the Singaporean population regularly eats at a Hawker Hall; halls of food stalls selling a variety of inexpensive yet delicious food to stuff your face with. You could say they’re kind of a big deal, and Singaporeans take their food very seriously.

Singapore Food guide - plates of chicken noodles
Singapore is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, so the cuisine is a wonderful mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arab and Western flavours. If you’re like us and you love a variety of different cuisines, you’ll be in heaven. Pure food-coma-inducing heaven.

We did our darndest to get out and experience as much Hawker Hall food as possible, with the intention of providing a Singapore food guide that will have you eating like a Singaporean. We are also now an estimated 5kg’s heavier… each. Hope you’re happy!




First up on our Singapore food guide, we recommend heading to Maxwell Road Hawker Centre, a short walk from Chinatown MRT. It is arguably the most famous of Singapore’s Hawker Halls and for good reason, it has a vast array of delicious food ranging from the simple chicken rice to fish head curry.

For the best chicken rice, visit Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. Our suggestion; the mixed meat and noodle from the guy in the green stall about halfway down in the middle bay (yeah, we know, vague… But we couldn’t decipher the name! Just follow the trail of locals out the front). Delightfully tasty! There are also many fruit shake stalls so you can follow your awesome meal with an equally awesome pineapple shake.

Singapore Food guide - Maxwell Road Hawker Centre

Singapore Food guide - Maxwell Road Hawker Hall


If you’ve been making your away around Singapore’s many attractions and find yourself hungry and craving a good Biryani (who doesn’t), then visit the Market St Food Centre, near Raffles Place MRT and look for Golden Nur food stall. Their Nasi Biryani was the best we have ever eaten; all the right flavours and topped with crispy chicken deliciousness – yum! And yes, we did top it off with yet another pineapple shake.

Singapore Food guide - Market St Food Centre

Singapore Food guide - Nasi Biryani


A Singapore food guide wouldn’t be complete without venturing to Little India. Literally every street is teeming with Indian food; so much so that it is hard to actually recommend one in particular. So, visit all of them and embrace Indian cuisine in a place won’t give you Delhi belly. Whichever restaurant you decide on, you must try a Dosa, a tasty Indian crepe served with coconut chutney (heaven), sambar, dal and various other spices. And don’t forget the tandoori chicken.

Singapore Food guide - Little India

Singapore Food guide - Indian Food spices


While in Singapore, we met a lot of locals and asked for their favourite food haunts, and received many a tip in return! While we didn’t get to try these (sad face), but no Singapore food guide would be completed with our them!

The best Laksa | Sungei Rd Laksa, Jelan Besar

The best Popiah | Bee Heng – Newton Food Centre, Newton

The best Nasi Lemak | Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak, Jurong West

The best Murtabak | Zam Zam, Bugis

One thing is for sure, you won’t go hungry with our Singapore food guide, and with the cosmopolitan nature of the cuisine, you won’t be bored either. You too will leave 5kgs heavier but all the happier for the delicious cuisine you have devoured.

Singapore Food guide - Singapore noodles

Do you agree with our Singapore food guide? Have you eaten something delicious in Singapore that just needs to be shared?! Tell us in the comments below!


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