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why we love asia

The starting point of our year-long trip around the world in late 2015; it's safe to say our excitement was at an all-time high when we landed in steamy Singapore. 

Having both travelled through the region before, this trip was an exciting mix of 'coming home' to a place we already loved, and the buzz of new adventures in countries we hadn't explored before.  

These travels saw us eating our fill in Singapore's Hawker Halls and rediscovering our sense of zen in the land of a million elephants (and temples!): Laos. There were jungle hikes at a community-based ecotourism project in Cambodia, sunrises over the ancient temples of Bagan, ocean swims in tropical Sri Lanka, and far too many delicious street food meals in Bangkok. 

And while we have long loved Asia for its vibrance and beauty, this time around we also fell in love with it as the home of our favourite country in the world: Nepal. In the hiking trails, chaos of Kathmandu, and locals of Nepal, we found our own version of travel Nirvana.

There really is no place like Asia. 

This is the world's largest continent, in more ways than one. The most populous, the most culturally diverse, and home to the world's largest mountain ranges; Asia doesn't do anything by halves.

Crossing from one side of the continent to the other, you'll discover ancient gilded temples, the lush greens and blues of tropical paradise, soaring snow-capped mountains, the peace of monks in prayer, and the
honking chaos of neon cities. 

Then there are the flavours. The sizzle and clink of a Kothu Roti being prepared in Sri Lanka, the fragrance of a steaming Pad Thai from a local street food cart in Bangkok, the mouth-watering mix of spices in a South Indian curry. 

It's vibrant, spiritual, and at times dizzying; a rare mix of adventure and spirituality that offers something for every traveller.

why you'll love asia

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"We'd incorporated Asia into our bones - its colours and laughter, its smells, its rhythms, its tolerance and patience, its compassion, its lack of ageism"

― Jane Wilson-Howarth

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